Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Important Notice regarding GitHub Tag, SSH access etc

Oct 19, 2008

Hola Rumblers!

It’s almost the end of the competition—less than 3 hours to go.We need you to do a couple things to make your entry official.

Tag Your Code

Once your code is done, you’ll need to push it to github, tagit, and then deploy to your server with said tag. If you’re notsure how, we’ve produced a short little screencast to walkyou through the process.

If you don’t want to watch the whole screencast, you can insteadjust use the following commands from your application root. Note,you’ll want to commit and push any changes to github first.

git tag railsrumble
git push
git push --tags

Then, you need to go to your github page to verify it has beenadded (if you hover over the ‘tags’ item at the top, it should show‘railsrumble’ as a link). Once that’s done, you need to update yourapplication to use the tagged version of the code. If you’re usingCapistrano, it’s as easy as setting / changing your branch in yourconfig/deploy.rb file.

set :branch, "railsrumble"

And then deploy once more. You can verify it by comparing the hash next to “commit” when you click on the railsrumble tagon github (if you’re confused, please see the video).


If you have manually cloned it to your server, you just need to typethe following:

git pull
git checkout railsrumble

And it should be done.

Server SSH Keys / Access

For us to be able to examine your deployed application, we’re going toneed you to do two things. First off, we’ll need you to add addour ssh public key to the user you’ve deployed as (or a user who can read all of your deployed application’s files) – said keybeing available at you’re using ubuntu / debian, the following should workwhen logged in as said user:

cd ~
mkdir -p .ssh
cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 700 .ssh
chmod 644 .ssh/authorized_keys

Once that has been done, we need you to visit your team profile(e.g. and find the greysection just under the title for the “WHERE” section which containsa link to set the username which you added the aforementionedssh public key to.


Finally, Once that’s been completed / added (and the your deployedusername appears under the where section on your team profileas “Your VPS Username”), we’ll verify access over the next few days.

Profile Changes

Once the competition is closed, your team will have 24 hoursto edit it’s profile. What this means for you is that if you wishto add a screenshot, a info / screencast url – you mustdo so before 23:59GMT on October 20th.

Please note that if you submitted a screenshot earlier and it isn’tshowing up on your team profile, you will need to readd it now.

The Competition Close

Summary: Repository must have tag at competition close, you have24 hours to add the other stuff starting from the competition end.

That’s pretty much all of it now for the actual required stuff.You’ll still be able to access your VPS and GitHub repositoriesonce the competition closes – just make sure you don’t change thecode deployed for your application (e.g. so you can use script/consoleand you can restart servers etc BUT you can’t edit / add migrationsor change your app code).

Most of all, thanks for competing – we hope you’ve all had a blastand we look forward to seeing just what can be built in 48 hours.