Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Last Minute Fixes for Rumble Apps

Oct 21, 2008

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve decided to givecontestants one last chance to fix any show stopperbugs (similar to last year). Because we want to getvoting open as soon as possible, there are a fewconditions on this.

Firstly, you’ll be allowed to change up to 10 linesfrom the railsrumble tag. If you didn’t get thetag in on time BUT your code was relatively completebefore hand – you can also use the last commit made before 00:00(but please note, in this case you will need to let us know).

For this to work smoothly, we’re giving you until23:59GMT on the 21st – that is, Midnight, Tuesdaynight GMT.

If you do this, you’ll then need to tag this newchange (note: only 1 commit is allowed) as “railsrumble-fix” and then email organizers@railsrumble.comwith the subject “Fixed Release” telling us your teamname as well as a link to the tag on github.(once that’s done, we’ll check your deployed version – if you’renot changing it, an email letting us know would be goodas well).

So in summary, you’ve got until 23:59GMT to submit a singlecommit with up to 10 lines changed (so, either 10 unique adds/ deletes OR one line changed). To prepare do this (assumingyou’ve tagged it), you can do the following:

git checkout railsrumble

Which will checkout the railsrumble tag – verifying you’reat the correct starting revision. Then, make your changes.You can type “git diff” to get a diff of your changes. Onceyou’re sure you’re made a correct amount (0 to 10), you cancommit and push your changes by doing the following:

git commit -a -m "Modifications to correct railsrumble" git tag railsrumble-fixgit pushgit push --tags

Note that we only intend you to use this commit to fix anyshow stopper bugs – e.g. a 500 on your login page, somethingpreventing people from logging in and the like.

edit: Please redeploy your app as well, changing the:branch option in your capistrano file (if used) torailsrumble-fix

Thanks, — The RailsRumble Team