Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!


Jul 01, 2009


Imagine cranking out your latest sweet application (whether it be in 48 hours or 48 days) and being able to start billing users for all of its awesome coolness with only a few extra hours of work. With Spreedly, you don’t have to imagine any
longer – it really is that easy.

But don’t take our word for it:

“you guys are best new dev app of 09 so far imo”

“Great work guys! – love the product”

“Very happy this payment processing stuff is going so smoothly!”

“We are using @spreedly for our subscriptions. Anyone needing this service, don’t hesitate, the service is top-notch.”

“Using @spreedly for all billing related functionality in Staticize. So far I LOVE IT”

“exploring spreedly for subscriptions management. looks super promising. bye bye paypal.”

“Thanks to @spreedly, I don’t have to renew my SSL cert. Hooray for saving money!”

But don’t take their word for it either – you can sign up for a free
test account and try out the whole enchilada, no strings attached.
What are you waiting for? Go make some money!