Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!


Aug 05, 2009


Clusterify is a better way to meet other programmers working with the same technologies you are. Open source projects are great, but they usually require large investments of time. The idea here is to keep it short to just a couple of hours per project. The site is also about learning, experimenting and sharing tips along the way with others. If you just want to share some ideas and don’t have time to work on them, you can do this too by creating a project and specifying that you are not participating. Others can then come and administer the project.

We are non-profit, user-supported and open source and encourage all to contribute to our code and our site by creating and completing projects as well as working on the Clusterify code base. It’s up to you to decide what collaboration tools you’re going to use, what language, what framework, what repository. When you are done you mark your project as completed, showcase your work on the project showcase section, then users can vote on how good they think the project result is.

If you have a cool idea for a short project, and want to work on it with a couple of other programmers, then Clusterify is the perfect place to Code Together!

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