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Freelance Total

Aug 06, 2009

Freelance Total

Freelance Total is a complete business management system for freelancers. It manages business processes like selling, project management and billing so that freelancers can focus on doing their work and making money.

Freelance Total isn’t just another CRM tool, billing tool, or project management tool. It facilitates the administrative side of doing business by creating and encouraging the use of business systems.

  • Keep up to date with leads, and stay in contact with leads you would otherwise forget

  • Set reminders for follow ups

  • Manage projects and tasks

  • Create and send invoices with lightning speed

  • Track overdue invoices

  • Track recurring payments and products (eg. hosting, domains)

  • Automatically group to do lists into business functions (selling, working, billing)


  • Invoicing

    • Fast, one page invoice creation
    • International currency support
    • International Tax support
    • Send invoices to your client
    • Download invoices as pdf
    • Pre define your invoice items for quick reusability
    • Set tasks and reminders
    • Billing todo list
    • Create recurring invoices
  • Client Area

    • Clients can see an overview of all invoices, past and present
    • One stop shop for all client dealings with you
    • No more following up which invoices have been paid and which ones haven’t
    • Clients can view, download or print invoices
  • Client Management

    • Add, view, edit and delete clients
    • Quickly see what leads, projects and invoices are associated with a client
    • Overview of all your business activities on one page
  • Project Management

    • Keep track of projects and deadlines
    • Create and order task list
    • View an overview of all project tasks (a project todo list)
    • Track project notes, login details, links
    • Track time and expenses
    • Create invoices from projects
  • Lead Management

    • Keep track of leads and proposals
    • Create and order task list
    • View all current leads and tasks
    • Track lead notes, links, thoughts and requirements
  • Time Management

    • Track time spent on a project
    • Fast AJAX based time tracking
    • Create invoices from tracked time