Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Pencils Down

Aug 23, 2009

Rails Rumble 2009 Build Weekend is now officially over. Congrats to all the teams who competed and finished an application within the allotted time period. Because we’re such nice guys, contestants have a grace period of 6 hours within which you are allowed to make further profile edits. Take another look at those profiles and make sure you’ve described the purpose of your app for our judges, noted the resources that you used during development, and so on. However, and we want to be really clear about this, contestants may not make further commits to their repositories or deploy updated code to their Linodes without being disqualified.

The next phase of the competition is the qualifying round. During this phase, which starts tomorrow, our panel of expert judges will review and rate each of the verified applications and decide, collectively, which ones advance to the final round for public voting. We’ll announce their findings later this week, when public judging opens. Stay tuned, cuz it ain’t over yet.