Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Calling All Sponsors

Jul 13, 2010

The Rails Rumble simply wouldn’t be possible without some sweet sponsorship lovin. Sponsors take care of our infrastructure and related costs, sponsors help us shape the way the contest is run, and, of course, sponsors make swanky prizes possible for winners. What would a contest be without prizes, right?

Although the 2010 Rumble is happening in mid-October, we’re starting the search for sponsors now. By getting in early, sponsors help us build momentum and connect with contestants. And they, in turn, get more airtime and opportunities to show their support.

There are sponsorship opportunities available at a couple different commitment levels, and, although sponsors offering good old-fashioned cash is awesome, we also allow certain sponsorship levels to provide support through donation of product / services. So if you’re interested in getting your brand or product in front of a bunch of talented, passionate (some might say “crazy”) web developers, please get in touch with us to find out more about packages and opportunities.

We’re also introducing a new concept this year, called the Exhibition Match. Exhibition Match sponsors will be able to set their own independent judging criteria and award a special category award to the contestant who impresses them the most. For example, a company that wishes to promote use of their API might want to create an Exhibition Match for “Most Innovative Use of __ API”. Insert your company name in the blank. And then imagine what kind of crazy stuff our intrepid contestants might do with it.

These Exhibition Matches will only be offered to higher-level and “heavyweight” sponsorships, of which there are a limited number, so let us know if you’re interested, why it’s cool, and we’ll work something out!