Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Limited Edition Rumble Shirt on Sale

Sep 09, 2010

The Rumble is pleased to have our friends at TShirts for Humans bring you the official, never before seen by human eyes nor touched by human hands, limited edition1, ultra mega groovy 2010 Rails Rumble tshirt!

Clad in the subtle yet strong hues of a silver Rumble shirt, you’ll feel invincible as the 40th hour of no sleep rolls around. Sporting the charcoal colored Double R shield, your team may even be mistaken for the Fantastic 4. Or wear it to the bar and, when fending off all those unwanted (or wanted) pickups, say, “Hey, are you checking out my rack … deployed application?” And nothing says your team means business like matching shirts, so upload a few pictures to the Rails Rumble 2010 Flickr group to intimidate the competition. Most importantly, take the high road and let your clothes do the smack talking — YES!, I am a Rails Rumble competitor and here’s the shirt to prove it, chumps!

So yeah, go buy some awesome tshirts from our awesome friends at TShirts for Humans. The only catch is they have to finish the sale on September 20th to get the shirts printed and shipped to you in time for the competition. This is a one time deal — you are either in or you’re out by September 20th. There won’t be any extras … so don’t be that guy that asks for one on the 21st.

1. Limited by the number of editions sold by September 20th.