Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Ready.. Set... Go!

Oct 15, 2010

The 2010 Rumble competition weekend is now officially under way! If you’re competing, check your team profile page for Linode and GitHub access details.

You have the next two days to build something awesome, so get to it! Here’s a quick recap of the steps you need to be aware of. When in doubt, double-check the rules for clarity, or feel free to contact one of the organizers. We’re nice people. Honest.

  1. You build awesome stuff. We’re sure you have a kick-ass idea already plotted out (and if you don’t, take another look at these awesome sponsor challenges). Push your progress to the provided GitHub repo as you go.

  2. You deploy awesome stuff. To your provided Linode. You make sure it works. There won’t be any after-the-buzzer fixes this year, so make sure you deploy and test well ahead of time.

  3. Make sure you completely fill out your team profile, including resources that you’ve used, and follow the instructions there. It’s important that you list the deploy user you’re using there, and that you install the rumble ssh-key for us (for verification purposes).

  4. When you’re finished and ready to call it good and everything is deployed and working, tag the release of your code that matches your final deployment with the word ‘rumble10’. Make sure to push that tag up to your repository.

  5. Run the verification process from your team page to ensure that everything looks good. Do this at least an hour or two before the end of the competition in case there are unexpected issues.

  6. Celebrate good times.

These steps must all be completed before Sunday at midnight GMT. Any additional code changes after that deadline will result in disqualification.

Have fun and don’t hurt yourself.