Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

OMG Prizes!

Oct 04, 2013

Yesterday, you met the 2013 Sponsors. On October 7th, at 00:00:00 UTC, registration opens. But today, we spill the beans on this year’s prizes!

First Place

  • 2013 Rails Rumble Championship Belt - Thanks, thoughtbot!
  • $2,000 in Apple or Amazon Gift Certificates for the team! - Thanks, Linode!
  • Linode - 1 Year @ 16GB for the Team, 1 Year @ 2GB Per Member
  • GitHub - 1 Year of Gold Plan
  • Codebase - 1 Year Subscription to “Small”
  • Deploy - 1 Year Subscription to “Basic”
  • Sirportly - 6 Month Subscription to “Plus” Per Member
  • Dashable - 18 months of Dashable Agency edition
  • Scout - Free for Life Enhanced (up to 5 servers)
  • Pusher - 1 Year Startup Plan
  • Twilio - $133.70 credit Per Member
  • Travis CI - 3 Month Free on Startup Plan
  • O’Reilly Media - 1 Free ebook Per Member
  • PagerDuty - 6 Months Free
  • - 1 Year Free
  • Prefinery - 1 Year Platnium
  • Honeybadger - $19 Off For Six Months
  • Sticker Mule - Stickers!

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

Fifth Place

Sixth Place

Seventh Place

Eighth Place

Ninth Place

Tenth Place

Best Solo & Public Favorite Bonus Awards are Back for 2013!

In addition to the top ten winners above, we have two Linode-Sponsored, bonus awards. So how do you win one of these special awards? Well, just like last year, the Best Solo award is based on expert judges, and the Public Favorite award is based on picks from the competitors themselves, as well as anyone from the public.

  • Best Solo - $500 Apple or Amazon Gift Certificate - Thanks, Linode!

  • Public Favorite - $250 Apple or Amazon Gift Certificate per team member - Thanks, Linode!

Everyone’s a Winner!

Even if you don’t place or get one the special Linode-Sponsored awards, a number of our sponsors have been generous enough to provide coupons for their services. For more about how to redeem those coupons, visit your team’s dashboard near the end of the competition.

Thanks very much to our sponsors and good luck to everyone!

- @tsmango