Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

It's Almost That Time!

Oct 18, 2013

There are only 6 hours left until the competition starts, so if you’re not ready to rumble, you best get ready!

And if you haven’t noticed, you can now see your Linode and GitHub access details from your team’s dashboard. Just visit, sign in via GitHub, click your account button at the top left, and then click “Team Dashboard”.

Please note that your Linode server can’t be booted until the competition starts and you aren’t allowed to push to your GitHub repository until then either.

Also note that you won’t have access to your GitHub repository yet, but you will have access once the competition starts. Again, don’t push to your repository until the competition starts. Also, don’t rename your repository or remove the post commit hook we’ve added.

You are welcome to sign into Linode and configure your server with a StackScript before the competition starts. To see our optional Rails Rumble StackScripts, check here.

Remember: We strongly urge you to not require account sign-ups or social media sign-ins for visitors to try your application. If you require user accounts, please use a Guest User Record style system instead.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

- @tsmango