Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

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Oct 17, 2008

Our buds over at Intridea have provided us with a account to use for the duration of the Rumble. Thanks guys, you rock!

If you have already created a account for the Rails Rumble, click here to log in.

To give you some background info, is a communication platform that, like Twitter, is designed to allow for short, frequent updates to be posted by individuals and tracked or “followed” by others. Unlike Twitter, however, provides a secure and private way to share updates among members of a company or organization without it being visible to the outside world. offers several features that should be of particular interest to Rails Rumblers:

  • Groups – with, you can create a group of your Rails Rumble teammates. When you send updates out to a group, only the members of the group will see your updates.
  • Attachments – use to share your most recent mockup, screencast, or data diagram. You can attach files to your updates, which appear right in your update stream.
  • Text Attachments / Code Snippets – need more than 140 characters to get your point across, or want to share a code snippet with language-specific code highlighting? Use our text attachments to attach longer text or code snippets to your update.
  • Twitter integration – rather than taking the time to post separately to both and Twitter, you can now post to Twitter through Just configure your Twitter username and password in Settings, and start your update/tweet with t!. Your post will automatically be dual-posted to Twitter and

Invitations have now been sent to everyone on our mailing list, if you don’t get one or are not on our list but would like one, please shoot us an email!