Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Tender & The Rumble

Aug 23, 2009

In an effort to improve the competition this year, The RailsRumble team has made a number of changes to different aspects of the competition. Two of the most prominent changes were the introduction of our automated verification system ("Pugalier" internally) which will be discussed in later posts and our switch to using Tender, by the cool team over at entp.

In addition to the method we've used in previous years, IRC, we've modified our workflow to make it easier for us to handle and delegate support using Tender. Every page in the rumble app now features an embedded support widget and with special thanks to Brian Turnbull, (one of Rumble team members), support has been churning along a lot better.

Tender's worked well for us this year and has made it a lot easier for us to respond to and help teams. As an extra bonus, the entp guys not only sponsored our Tender install but have also provided a ton of awesome prizes which this years contestants can get a chance to win!