Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Special Launchly Promotion for Participants

Sep 10, 2009

Congrats again to the Rumble class of ’09! Some truly amazing apps were created during this years event and it really goes to show how powerful Ruby and Rails. And of course how good you all are at leveraging them.

Contestants, if you plan to continue improving your apps — and we hope you do — our friends at Launchly are offering a promo code for a free service package that you might want to check out. Launchly is a service devoted to helping new web apps get the information and early exposure they need to succeed by providing iterative feedback and analytics services (launch, get feedback, tweak, launch again) that can help you gauge how your launch is performing. And of course it’s written in Rails ;-).

To get started, simply visit Launchly and sign in using OpenID (no new account is necessary, and no billing information is needed). The promo code to use is: RAILSRUMBLE09. Just choose the Plus tier, enter the promo code in the appropriate field, and your launch will be up and running in no time. Woot.