Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Leveraging Our Sponsors During The Rumble

Oct 11, 2012

In addition to Linode & GitHub, who we told you about earlier today, we have a ton of other amazing sponsors this year. If you haven’t already seen them, go have a look!

Back? Okay then, let us tell you about how you can leverage a number of our amazing sponsors during the Rails Rumble itself. Many have special offers, just for you!

Design with Divshot

Divshot is a brand new, drag-and-drop, interface builder. With Divshot, you can quickly build, design, and export a beautiful, responsive layout, that’s built on Bootstrap. After the competition starts, you’re welcome to use Divshot for your app, so go sign up!

Grids with Gridset

Need to design a fully responsive grid system? Look no further than Gridset! Gridset is as easy as dragging guides in Photoshop and exports beautiful CSS, ready to use in your app. To use Gridset for free during the weekend of the 2012 Rails Rumble, check the “special offers” section in your team’s dashboard. They’ve even provided a 50% off coupon if you’d like to keep using Gridset on your other projects for another month. And really, why wouldn’t you?

Learn with RailsCasts

The clock is ticking, you only have 24 hours left, and you… you… forget how to implement tagging? Don’t worry! Head over to RailsCasts, brush up with a quick how-to video from Ryan, and get back to your coffee without losing a step. Just try not to get engrossed in the mountains of amazing content while you’re over there. Wait until after the competition for that!

Email with Mandrill

Email doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be easy! With Mandrill, a brand new transactional email service from MailChimp, you can quickly integrate with your Rails app, start sending HTML email, and painlessly track opens and clicks in no time. Your send limit will even automatically scale up as your send more email.

Plan with

Create stories, tasks, and bugs with and don’t miss a beat this weekend!’s unique, ridiculously useful, real-time updating dashboard, lets all of your team’s members keep your planning in sync. Something need fixing? Create a defect! Think of a feature? Create a story! Tag, reorder, assign, and discuss everything — all without refreshing your browser.

Test with tddium

Did Joe check in broken code? Well if you were using tddium from Solano Labs, you’d know! Get your very own continuous integration server up and running in minutes. They’ve even provided coupons for a month of free service! To get your team’s coupon, be sure to head over to your team’s dashboard.

Deploy with Deploy

Deploy makes deploying your app incredibly simple! Connect your GitHub account and server, and deploy with a single button. It’s so easy, even your designers can do it! (Sorry, designers.)

Chat with Jaconda

Is your team working remotely this weekend? Or maybe you’re all just wearing headphones? Either way, Jaconda is there for you! Sign up and get chatting with your own private room. And with the coupon in your team’s dashboard, you can use Jaconda past your trial and get 25% off!

Measure with New Relic

The Rumble is coming to a close, your app has been deployed, your team is furiously putting it through its paces in your production environment, the only thing left is to measure all the things! Well, with New Relic, you can do just that! New Relic is the all in one performance tool you always wanted. Configure it in a minute and see what’s really going on with your app.

React with Honeybadger

Let’s be honest, you’re going to deploy bugs this weekend. What matters is how quickly you track those bugs down and squash them into oblivion. That’s where Honeybadger comes in! Honeybadger is the modern error management service for Rails you’ve always wanted.

Monitor with PagerDuty

What happens when you build an incredible app for the Rails Rumble and after the competition, your entire team passes out from exhaustion without realizing that your site turned off and judges can’t see your app? Well, that shouldn’t have happened! Do yourself a favor: set up PagerDuty and catch some z’s knowing they’ll watch over things for you and ring your phone if something goes wrong. Sleep all the way up to the 19th when we announce the winners — we won’t mind!

Track with GoSquared

You’ve designed your app, you’ve planned everything, you’ve tested, you’ve deployed, you’ve measured performance. You might be asking: “What’s left?” Real-time analytics of course! Head over to your team’s dashboard, get your 3-months-free coupon for GoSquared, and watch your site’s traffic unfold while you recover from your caffeine overdose.

So, Will You Be Ready?

All of these amazing services offer a free way for you to take them for a spin this weekend, some with special coupons in your team’s dashboard. So take a few minutes before the competition and get yourself signed up for all of them! They’ll be a huge help, not only this weekend, but for every app you develop from here on out.

- @tsmango