Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

The Belt.

Oct 28, 2015

Beyond money, beyond notoriety, beyond all the free service prizes, there’s one thing that every single person that competes in the Rails Rumble, wants more than anything.

The Belt.

It’s all about The Belt! This year, our belt sponsor is the one and only Twilio. They’ve been sponsoring us for years now and we’re really happy to highlight their service here for you.

What is Twilio?

If you don’t know what Twilio is, we can explain it very simply. They are the telcom API champion! Developers use Twilio to build complex communication systems. But they’re also easy enough to use on a whim, to build small apps. They’re the perfect service for the Rumble. For instance, 2 years ago Caller Key won the Rumble, and they used Twilio.

What do I do with The Belt when I win?

Pfft, you mean if you win. Stakes is High! Well, if you win, you could wear The Belt at your desk, and show people what’s up.

You could also just sit it on your work fridge, and show people what’s up.

Wait, I thought I heard about Gloves last year?

That’s right! Starting two years back, the solo winners also got a pair of sweet, sweet boxing gloves!

Again, big thanks to Twilio for sponsoring this year’s belt and gloves!

- @Alternate1985