Big News, Rails Rumble is now Ruby Rampage!

Time for Your Judge's Wig!

Nov 09, 2015

The judging portion of the 2015 Rails Rumble has officially started! Remember, the Rails Rumble is a community judged event. If you completed an app, you’re a judge and you’ll determine this year’s winners! So take some time this week (judging closes on November 15th at 23:59 UTC) to browse through the completed entries and pick your favorites.

When you’re done finding the ones you like the best, go to your favorites section and get it down to your top ten, put them in order, and click the finalize button to lock in your picks!

After you and the other competitors pick their favorites this week, winners will be announced on November 16th. Additionally, after the winners are announced, your team’s accumulated points will be displayed privately to you in your team’s dashboard, if you’re interested in seeing that.

If you want more details about how entries are sorted, how judging works, what kinds of things to look for, and how points for awards are calculated, please check out this very detailed page we put together.

The only award not picked by you is the Public Favorite award and that’s determined by, well, the public! So spread the word about not only your entry, but the whole Rails Rumble. Anyone can come to the site, sign in with Twitter, and pick their favorites.

Lastly, we urge you to leave feedback for other competitors. What did you love about their app? What didn’t you love? How can they make it better? How brilliant was their app? Competitors love feedback, so send it their way!